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Small pitch LED market hot, leading the industry is growing
    Throughout 2016,, a small pitch LED display LED display market can not bypass the topic. Thanks to the breakthrough of the core technology "spacing", as well as small pitch products "low light gray" and other technical problems on the progress, with its seamless stitching, high-definition display, high response speed, intelligent control adjustment, easy maintenance , A small pitch LED display market is widely used as LED display market, a strong driving force for growth.
    According to the relevant financial results, the major listed companies achieved substantial revenue growth in the first three quarters, Lehman achieved revenue of 404 million yuan, an increase of 57.71%; joint photoelectric to achieve revenue 1.873 billion yuan, an increase of 72.10%; Revenue growth of 150.40%; Chau Ming technology revenue 1.28 billion yuan, an increase of 25.96%; Aibson to achieve revenue 796 million yuan, an increase of 13.41%; Alto total revenue of 280 million yuan, an increase of An increase of 36.85%. Data show that a large number of small pitch products into the market, pulling effect on corporate performance is very obvious.
    At present, the small pitch in the command and control center as the representative of the traditional large-screen project areas cut a striking figure, and began to get involved in the studio, the Bureau of Meteorology, conference rooms, exhibitions and other fields, and actively explore the naked eye 3D, VR / AR, And other emerging technologies with the application, showing a strong trend towards the diversification of the application development, showing the LED display market, hot and optimistic application prospects.
    The huge market demand and the potential for small pitch products for the industry a higher display requirements, ultra-high density of small pitch LED display attention. November "ultra-high density small pitch LED display key technology development and application of" selected the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2017 42 "" key special project, declared by the ultra-high density LED display development by national policy concerns.
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